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Who We Are

PedalMonsters strives to bring high quality pedals at friendly prices, because let's face it...musicians gotta eat too right?  We're like the Robin Hood of the pedal world if you will.  We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do try to take our pedals seriously because we know that only your tone and your tone only will part the heavens and call forth singing angels. 
We're also gear fanatics, gearheads, and that passion drives us to create products that we would use ourselves.  We never started this pedal business to make money, it was just purely for the love of the industry.  Hopefully you see that in everything we do. 
All of our pedals are created with love, one at a time exactly built to your specs.  They are made by a single human (sometimes two) right here in the nation's capital (that's Washington DC...for the geographically challenged)  Thank you in advance for supporting PedalMonsters, we hope you enjoy what you uncover.

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